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ABB 2015 Remuneration Report

Starting point

  • Transparent and understandable remuneration policy is part of good corporate governance that can contribute to the long-term performance and reputation of a company
  • Integration of increasing regulatory requirements (e.g., VegüV), as well as feedback from the proxy advisor and institutional investors
  • Communication and presentation of the revised remuneration system

Overview of services provided

  • Analysis of the remuneration report taking into account the following aspects:
    • Principles and objectives of the remuneration policy
    • Financial and non-financial KPIs relevant to measuring executive performance
    • Responsibilities in determining remuneration
  • Identification of potential to improve the structure and recommendations, including use of selected best practice examples
  • Creation of templates for various forms of presentation, e.g. graphics, diagrams, charts, tables
  • Copywriting and editing of the English text


  • A more transparent and more comprehensible remuneration report