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Phoenix Mecano 2016 IR Presentation

New roadshow presentation concept 

  • Development of a compelling storyline
  • Visual and graphic presentation of the business model, strategy, the group and divisions as well as the most important financial figures
  • Redesign of the PowerPoint charts in line with the current corporate design guidelines and in the same style as the 2016 annual report

Overview of services provided

  • Evaluation of the current presentation with respect to international best practice standards and recommendations for its further development
  • Definition of the content structure and storyline
  • Further development of the capital market story and key messages
  • Development of a graphic concept and PowerPoint templates
  • Proposal of presentation formats
  • Redesign and development of a structural concept
  • Creation of templates for various kinds of PowerPoint slides, such as text, tables, graphs, organigrammes and charts
  • Definition of fonts and colours as well as navigation