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Phoenix Mecano 2017 Annual Report

Content and design concept 

  • The topic of the 2017 Annual Report is "Value Added“.
  • Starting from the presentation of the business model, sidestories along intellectual, financial, material and social resources show how Phoenix creates long-term value for its stakeholders.
  • The trend-setting dynamics are visually transported via the arrow element
  • The Corporate Governance Report has been slightly revised to better meet the requirements of the SIX (RLGC)
  • The handy tablet format has been retained since the 2015 Annual Report
  • The primary font was supplemented by a secondary font, which is used in titles and graphics. The elegant and modern design is thus further developed
  • 2017 was the 15th annual report in a row that we were able to design and produce for our long-standing customer Phoenix Mecano


Overview of services provided 

  • Content and graphic concept
  • Text concept, text creation and editing, editing
  • Consulting (incl. Corporate Governance), Project Management, Production Management
  • Development and realization of graphics, diagrams and illustrations